About Us

The Arabia modern systems company is one of the companies specialized in electromechanical systems.

Our goal is always to provide all that is good in this area we are distributor for more than a brand known American and European countries and have the honor to carry the brand they represent in addition to a crew of skilled technicians and engineers who are trained and qualified to carry out all calculations and engineering design and hydraulic for electrical systems and light current systems


Our business strategy will revolve around the need to provide quality services and products to our customers and a different purpose, in the process of meeting their needs in full. And carried out through advertising, sales and technical team and provide quality services to specific customer needs with the passage of time we will have a marketing campaign to increase knowledge of our services in various sectors of the market, we must be targeted. This is particularly the case with the institutions and agencies that are looking to find a distinguished service in the market due to increased competition, market a product must be professionally done in order to be an expression of the intended image and reputation. And we will position ourselves we intend to establish a good relationship with all relevant stakeholders


The Arabia Company presentations will be marketing systems for electromechanical systems geared towards customers with reliable accuracy and high-quality, market development, and channel development on a local scale and the territory of Egypt.

Our values

Follow-up will be mandatory to ensure customer satisfaction and provide any improvements as recommended by their customers in the future. We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy in the short term and long term, and to some extent compensate investors for the money and risk.